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  • p-soyspray1

    Soy Spray

    Soy Sauce has been used as an essential seasoning in Japan from ancient times, and still flavors the modern dishes of today. Over this long tradition the Japanese have discovered that the aroma of soy sauce is just as important as the taste. These newly developed spray bottles allow for the full enjoyment of fragrance and taste, while maintaining full control over the amount used. + Soy Sauce Spray + 80ml / 2.7oz + Salt Content 17% + 1 push = 0.02 grams of sodium + Prevents Waste and Reduces Sodium Intake
  • p-soyzero1

    Soy Zero

    Soy Zero is for people who are highly considerate about their sodium consumption and others with salt-related health issues such as high blood pressure. With natural sodium from only beans and wheat minerals, a single 80 milliliter bottle has no more than 0.3% sodium content. Perfect for those who wish to keep their daily sodium intake to less than 3000 milligrams (mg). + Soy Zero Spray + 80ml / 2.7oz + Salt Content: less than 0.3% + 1 push = 0.02 grams of sodium + Prevents Waste and Eliminates Sodium Intake
  • ez-salt-reduction-set

    EZ Salt Reduction Set

    Introductory package which includes both Soy Spray and Soy Zero. + Prevents waste + Reduces/ Eliminates Sodium intake + 80ml / 2.7oz each + 1 PUSH = 0.01 milliliter of soy sauce
  • soyone

    Soy One

    Hukuman's all-purpose soy sauce. The most standard rich soy sauce, typical form found in Kyushu Japan. + versatile + high fragrance + rich + dark + 17% salinity